“Felix Mendelssohn’s ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’. Performed by Zurich Chamber Orchestra.”

“Claude Debussy’s ‘La Mer’. Performed by Zurich Chamber Orchestra.” Ads displaying the iconic orchestra scheme in reference to a piece of famous “program music”.

Detail view.

A cinema commercial that was placed right before the main movie as a parody on surround sound trailers. For the best sound you better leave the cinema and go to a concert by the Zurich Chamber Orchestra.

Photography concept for the season’s program brochure. Musicians played with LEDs attached to their fingers. Their instruments have been removed afterwards from the images.


Touched by Beethoven. A picture from a photography series.


Sheet music becomes three-dimensional and turns into a roller coaster track. The spectacular ride illustrates the finale of a symphony played by the Zurich Chamber Orchestra. Pay-off: “Great emotions.”

Works shown created at Havas Worldwide Zurich in collaboration with: Rob Hartmann, Isabelle Bühler, Christina Wellnhofer, Luca Schneider, Inken Rohweder, Nemi Wildbolz, Florian Birkner