Informing the partner about a sexually transmitted disease is key to stop the epidemic. This website makes it easy. With tips for talking, letter templates and an SMS tool.

“My bumper has dents.”

“Roses are growing in my panties. Talk about sexually transmitted diseases. No matter how.” Posters.

A woman amuses her partner with shadow puppets. He joins in and presents an aching penis. Pay-off: “No matter how you say it, just say it. Talk to your partner about sexually transmitted diseases.”

A woman seeks dialogue with a man at a beach bar. Then they have sex quicker than you know it.

Two guys meet at a tennis match. Seconds later they play with each other. Pay-off: “Too quick to think of condoms?”

“Happy second.”

“Boom bang. Too quick to think of condoms?” Posters.

A media idea using the popular photo wall on the party community portal

A “trojan” thumbnail activates a pop-up that’s not just showing the enlarged portrait of the young couple but how they get down to serious business in the club restrooms. Pay-off: “Too quick to think of condoms?”

Works shown created at Havas Worldwide Zurich in collaboration with: Florian Birkner, Andrea Huber, Laurie Morard, Anne-Marie Pappas, Marietta Albinus, Rob Hartmann, Nemi Wildbolz, Urs Zwyssig, Emi Lehmann-Iwasaki