A promotion introducing beds in bright colours. 250 authors composed together the chain-novel “A Colourful Dream”. In every single contribution within the Facebook app at least one colour name had to appear.

The physical version of the chain-novel featured the same coloured words. The illustrations in the book were jointly created by different persons – exacly like the text.

Watch the case film for “A Colourful Dream”.

A young couple explores the depths of a nocturnal dream world. Where ever they are taken by their sleepwalking, Riposa mattresses are already there to provide careful support. Pay-off: “Trust what you sleep on.”

An audio book was created together with Swiss author Reeto von Gunten. Guests of the premiere reading enjoyed the bedtime stories while actually lying on Riposa mattresses.

Expensive as a car – and just as configurable. The first product configurator for luxury beds in a quality previously found only on automobile websites.

“Responds point by point to your body.” Interactive poster inspired by the well-known pin art game. A life-size construction was created whose 2000 aluminum rods can transform any body into an instant sculpture.

Works shown created at Havas Worldwide Zurich in collaboration with: Wolfgang Bark, Andrea Huber, Rob Hartmann, Isabelle Bühler, Suzanne Friedli, Laurie Morard, Alexander Fürer