The switch to winter time was the perfect occasion for an global social media campaign. We asked young people to tell politicians how they could rethink important decisions during that extra hour.

Issues from more than 80 countries were posted on Facebook. All of them were printed out as a 12 meter long letter and sent to the most powerful of the world just in time for 30 October.

We convinced Barack Obama and other A-list politicians to become a follower of the world’s new leaders. Starting on Twitter.

Signposts at the conference centre presenting the range of topics discussed by the world’s young leaders.

Billboards promoting the event.

Watch the case film featuring the entire campaign.

Works shown created at Havas Worldwide Zurich in collaboration with: Wolfgang Bark, Alexander Holtz, Ivan Madeo, Wolfgang Bark, Yannick Schaller, Suzanne Friedli, Christina Wellnhofer, Laurie Morard, Dominique Magnusson, Lea Fischlin