“2002 was a difficult year. So was 1998. And 1987 as well. Not forgetting 1973. And 1929. Julius Bär, honesty since 1890.”

“Give the Swiss cocoa beans and they will make a choclate truffle. Give the Swiss an iron nugget and they will make a clock. Give the Swiss money.”

“If you think money has nothing to do with emotions, then try to tear a 100 Euro note.”

“We will be recognized by our personal style rather than by our logo.” Ad where the Julius Bär logo had been left out.

Red and green print is overlaying in a way that makes it almost impossible to decipher any word.

By turning the red transparency sheet the headline will be easy to read: “Chances are always there. You just have to see them.”

Works shown created at Jung von Matt / Limmat in collaboration with: Urs Schrepfer, Alexander Jaggy, Michael Rüegg, Markus Rottmann, Daniel Meier, Tom Seinige, Inken Rohweder, Sandro Walder